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We are a company of students, each cultivating proven disciplines, engaging the market, and discovering long-term wealth.

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DMW takes responsibility for each student's learning, and supports the students in their learning style and background experience, providing the tools, support and community so that they can invest with confidence and consistency in the stocks of profitable companies while still employing low-risk strategies.
It all starts with mentoring.
Our educational program begins with the "Market Wealth Academy Core System”.  This course is an entry-level mentoring program designed to get you trading and seeing results fast.  Within just a few weeks you will be simulating real trades and see firsthand how to achieve gains using our system in just minutes a day.
All of our quality mentors have experience trading using the same techniques and will hold your hand through the learning process until you are ready to remove the training wheels and ride free. 
In about 6-8 weeks you can feel confident trading real money on your own.
To further hone their skills and invest larger sums, each student is encouraged to complete our “Market Wealth Academy Advanced System”.  At the end of this 10 week session you will have learned additional strategies to take much larger profits with even higher consistency.  You will enjoy the added feeling of success gained through additional knowledge and techniques.
This system is designed for small short-term gains from trading profitable companies' stocks and then repeating that discipline multiple times per month.  All of these small gains add up, resulting in consistent growth over time.  This is a highly effective, low-risk way to build wealth.
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