Core System

Our educational program starts with the "Market Wealth Academy Core System”.  This course is an entry-level mentoring program designed to get you trading and seeing results fast.  Within a couple weeks you will be simulating real trades and see firsthand how to achieve gains with our system in just minutes a day.
All of our quality mentors have experience trading using the same techniques and will hold your hand through the learning process until you are ready to remove the training wheels and ride free. 
In about 6-8 weeks you can feel confident trading real money on your own.

This Core System covers the following topics:
  1. Module 1 - Part 1, Introduction to the Core System
  2. Module 1 - Part 2, History of the Stock Market
  3. Module 2 - Part 1, Fundamental Analysis
  4. Module 2 - Part 2, Technical Analysis
  5. Module 3 - Part 1, Understanding Charting
  6. Module 3 - Part 2, More Indicators
  7. Module 4 - Learning Watchlist Analysis
  8. Module 5 - Putting it all together

For more information see Core System Components

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