The Power of 1%

When our students first hear that we are encouraging them to master a 1% return on investment they are puzzled.  How can 1% make a difference in someone's investment strategy?
1% Makes All the Difference!
That's right, it makes all the difference because when a student has mastered the 1% technique, they are now able to recreate that managed transaction several times per month.  In fact, each student graduates the course demonstrating the ability to identify profitable companies that generate 1% per week.
Let's look at an example.  Assume ABC Company's stock is trading at $30.00 and the DMW student has evaluated the technical and fundamental data and determined that ABC Company qualifies as a 1% trade.  The student will buy the stock at $30.00 and set a profit target at $30.40.  This includes the 1% increase in value ($.30) and $.10 for the trading fees associated with the student's online broker.  The student places the sell order and sits back waiting for the stock to move.  The student is taught to wait one week to 10 days for the stock to reach the $30.40 sell price.  When the stock reaches $30.40 the sell order executes automatically on the onine broker's trading platform.  The student then nets a 1% gain and is returned to a cash position.  It is that simple!  One percent over and over again.  
When the student adheres to the trading disciplines taught in the Market Wealth Academy Core & Advanced Systems, he can expect to see regular 1% transactions on a monthly basis.

1% Adds Up Quickly 
Every student graduates having been certified as capable of generating 1%
on a weekly basis. Starting with various amounts of capital, here what 1% weekly could do for you as far as achieving you retirement goals.
You can see most anyone graduating from our course has a good chance of retiring from their trading within five years depending on how much capital they use. 
The opportunity is like none other and the proven disciplines make all the difference.